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Diagnostic Imaging Clinics - Central East

Diagnostic imaging clinics offer such services as X-rays, ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry (BMD), mammography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

These services serve all or part of Central East
AG X-Ray and Ultrasound Clinic  
2901 Markham Rd, Unit 9, Toronto, ON  M1X 0B6
416-538-0707 Add to Clipboard
Alpha Diagnostic Imaging  
2130 Lawrence Ave E, Suite 300, Toronto, ON  M1R 3A6
416-321-2670 Add to Clipboard
Alton Towers X-Ray and Ultrasound  
240 Alton Towers Circle, Suite 203A, Toronto, ON  M1V 4P3
416-792-6314 Add to Clipboard
Apex Diagnostic Services  
1757 Sherbrooke St W, Peterborough, ON  K9K 1G0
705-874-6660 Add to Clipboard
Bellsmere X-Ray, Ultrasound and BMD  
1920 Ellesmere Rd, Suite 311, Toronto, ON  M1H 2V6
416-289-2280 Add to Clipboard
Bluewater Imaging - Port Hope  
249 Ontario St, Suite 110, Port Hope, ON  L1A 3Y9
905-885-9839 Add to Clipboard
Brimley Wenlock X-Ray and Ultrasound  
Brimley Road Medical Centre, 3333 Brimley Rd, Unit D, Toronto, ON  M1V 2J7
416-292-3883 Add to Clipboard
Brimley X-Ray, Ultrasound and BMD  
2020 Brimley Rd, Toronto, ON  M1S 4R7
416-299-7677 Add to Clipboard
BSA Diagnostics Medical Imaging - Kennedy and Sheppard  
4002 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 304, Toronto, ON  M1S 1S6
416-299-9895 Add to Clipboard
Campbellford Memorial Hospital - Out-Patient Departments  
146 Oliver Rd, Campbellford, ON  K0L 1L0
705-653-1140 Add to Clipboard
Campbellford Memorial Hospital - Ultrasound Services  
146 Oliver Rd, Campbellford, ON  K0L 1L0
705-653-1140 Add to Clipboard
Cobourg X-Ray and Ultrasound  
Diamond Head Industrial Mall, 210 Willmott St, Cobourg, ON  K9A 0E9
289-677-0117 Add to Clipboard
Compu-Sound Vascular Ultrasound Clinic  
3000 Lawrence Ave E, Suite 2203, Toronto, ON  M1P 2V1
416-431-5885 Add to Clipboard
Corcare Nuclear Medicine - Milner  
325 Milner Ave, Suite 410, Toronto, ON  M1B 5N1
416-284-4744 Add to Clipboard
Courtice Imaging Centre  
1450 Hwy 2, Courtice, ON  L1E 3C3
905-721-4932 Add to Clipboard
Donvale Ultrasound Services  
521 Victoria Park Ave, Suite B1, Toronto, ON  M4C 5H1
416-694-2198 Add to Clipboard
Durham Radiology Associates - Ajax  
95 Bayly St W, Suite 101, Ajax, ON  L1S 7K8
905-428-0444 Add to Clipboard
Durham Radiology Associates - Bowmanville Clinic  
222 King St E, Suite 1101, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 1P6
905-623-4512 Add to Clipboard
Durham Ultrasound - Whitby  
3910 Brock St N, Whitby, ON  L1R 3E1
905-444-9493 ext 4 Add to Clipboard
Eglinton-Danforth Rd X-ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
2805 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1J 2E1
416-977-2548 Add to Clipboard
Ellesmere X-Ray  
2880 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON  M1E 4B8
416-284-1697 Add to Clipboard
EXR Medical Imaging - Ajax  
601 Harwood Ave S, Unit 107, Ajax, ON  L1S 2J5
905-683-8877 Add to Clipboard
Fast Track Imaging  
3850 Finch Ave E, Suite B09, Toronto, ON  M1T 3T6
416-298-9752 Add to Clipboard
Golden Radiology  
1880 Eglinton Ave E, Unit 121, Toronto, ON  M1L 2L1
416-701-1222 Add to Clipboard
Impexxus Imaging - North Whitby X-Ray  
5959 Anderson St, Suite L6, Whitby, ON  L1M 2E9
905-655-8313 Add to Clipboard
Impexxus Medical Imaging  
Whitby Mall, 1615 Dundas St E, Whitby, ON  L1N 2L1
905-576-9729 Add to Clipboard
Impexxus Oshawa X-Ray and Ultrasound Services  
Glazier Medical Centre, 11 Gibb St, Oshawa, ON  L1H 2J9
905-579-1445 Add to Clipboard
Insight Diagnostic Imaging - Malvern Ultrasound and Mammography  
1333 Neilson Rd, Suite 230, Toronto, ON  M1B 4Y9
416-282-1147 Add to Clipboard
Kawartha Diagnostic Imaging  
327 Charlotte St, Suite 102, Peterborough, ON  K9J 0B2
705-745-9195 Add to Clipboard
Kennedy Eglinton X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
2374 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1K 2P4
416-757-8497 Add to Clipboard
King-Mar Diagnostic Centre - Scarborough  
3227 Eglinton Ave E, Unit 148, Toronto, ON  M1J 3M5
416-264-4343 Add to Clipboard
KMH Cardiology Centres - Scarborough  
55 Town Centre Court, Suite 109, Toronto, ON  M1P 4X4
905-855-1860 Add to Clipboard
Lakeview Diagnostics - Mobile Ultrasound Services  
516 Lightfoot Place, Pickering, ON  L1V 5Z8
905-420-7158 Add to Clipboard
Lawrence Victoria Park X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
1717 Lawrence Ave E, Main Fl, Toronto, ON  M1R 2X7
416-335-0323 Add to Clipboard
Lawrence-Kingston Rd X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
4125 Lawrence Ave E, Suite 210, Toronto, ON  M1E 2S2
416-281-4167 Add to Clipboard
Lighthouse Medical Imaging - Finch  
4190 Finch Ave E, Lower Level 04, Toronto, ON  M1S 4T7
416-293-5940 Add to Clipboard
Lindsay Ultrasound and X-Ray  
65 Angeline St N, Suite 11, Lindsay, ON  K9V 5N7
705-324-9524 Add to Clipboard
Lindsay X-Ray and Ultrasound  
189 Kent St W, Suite 105, Lindsay, ON  K9V 5G6
705-328-2400 Add to Clipboard
Malvern Medical Centre - Scarborough  
1333 Neilson Rd, Suite 100, Toronto, ON  M1B 4Y9
416-291-7719 Add to Clipboard
Markham-Lawrence X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
3585 Lawrence Ave E, Unit 1A, Toronto, ON  M1G 1P4
416-431-1889 Add to Clipboard
Med Image Diagnostic Centre - Scarborough  
1371 Neilson Rd, Suite 309, Toronto, ON  M1B 4Z8
416-287-1818 Add to Clipboard
Medical Arts X-Ray  
270 Charlotte St, Suite 101, Peterborough, ON  K9J 2V4
705-743-7810 Add to Clipboard
Medical Centre Diagnostic Services  
707 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON  K9J 7B3
705-876-4514 Add to Clipboard
Midland Ellesmere Xray and Ultrasound  
2025 Midland Ave, Suite 200, 2nd Fl, Toronto, ON  M3P 1E2
416-296-1911 Add to Clipboard
Midland Radiology and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
Evergold Centre, 3833 Midland Ave, Suite G, Toronto, ON  M1V 5L6
416-321-9243 Add to Clipboard
Midland-Ellesmere X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
2025 Midland Ave, Suite 200, Toronto, ON  M1P 3E2
416-296-1911 Add to Clipboard
Milliken Finch Diagnostic Imaging - Scarborough  
4040 Finch Ave E, Lower Level 4, Toronto, ON  M1S 4V5
416-292-1505 Add to Clipboard
MyHealth Centre - Oshawa - Medical Arts Building  
Oshawa Medical Arts Building, 300 King St W, Suite 201, Oshawa, ON  L1J 2K1
905-723-1653 Add to Clipboard
MyHealth Centre - Pickering  
1105 Kingston Rd, Suite D202, Pickering, ON  L1V 1B5
905-420-3068 Add to Clipboard
MyHealth Centre - Whitby - Dundas Centre Medical  
Dundas Centre Medical, 220 Dundas St W, Suite 104, Whitby, ON  L1N 8M7
905-430-3277 Add to Clipboard
Neilson Radiology - Scarborough  
1333 Neilson Rd, Suite 315, Toronto, ON  M1B 4Y9
416-287-1222 Add to Clipboard
North Oshawa Medical Centre X-Ray and Ultrasound  
1400 Ritson Rd N, Unit 001, Oshawa, ON  L1G 7W4
905-579-1208 Add to Clipboard
North Scarborough X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
3420 Finch Ave E, Suite 101, Toronto, ON  M1W 2S1
416-497-4452 Add to Clipboard
North Toronto Diagnostic Imaging - Scarborough  
2938 Finch Ave E, Unit B, Toronto, ON  M1W 2T4
416-492-2228 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Diagnostic Centers (ODC) - Scarborough Markham  
1200 Markham Rd, Unit 112, Toronto, ON  M1H 3C3
416-439-4866 Add to Clipboard
Ontario Medical Imaging - Whitby Clinic X-Ray and Ultrasound  
200 Brock St N, Whitby, ON  L1N 4H5
905-666-4206 Add to Clipboard
Oshawa Clinic - Diagnostic Imaging  
117 King St E, Oshawa, ON  L1H 1B9
905-721-3588 Add to Clipboard
Oshawa Diagnostic Imaging  
247 Simcoe St N, Unit 301, Oshawa, ON  L1G 4T3
905-438-0555 ext 1 Add to Clipboard
Oshawa Vascular Laboratory  
247 Simcoe St N, Suite 302, Oshawa, ON  L1G 4T3
905-438-0555 Add to Clipboard
Oshawa Vascular Laboratory and Ultrasound Imaging  
247 Simcoe St N, Unit 302, Oshawa, ON  L1G 4T3
905-438-0555 ext 2 Add to Clipboard
Oxford Medical Imaging - Ajax  
Harwood Mall, 300 Harwood Ave S, Ajax, ON  L1S 2J1
905-426-8976 Add to Clipboard
P Maskens Medicine Professional Corporation  
849 Alexander Court, Suite 205, Peterborough, ON  K9J 7H8
705-741-5510 Add to Clipboard
Parkway Nuclear Services  
Ross Memorial Hospital, 10 Angeline St N, 3rd floor, Lindsay, ON  K9V 4M8
705-328-6171 Add to Clipboard
Peterborough Clinic (The)  
26 Hospital Dr, Peterborough, ON  K9J 7C3
705-743-2040 Add to Clipboard
Peterborough Regional Health Centre - Diagnostic Imaging  
1 Hospital Dr, Peterborough, ON  K9J 7C6
705-876-2121 ext 7272 Add to Clipboard
Peterborough Vascular Lab  
Medical Arts Building, 270 Charlotte St, Unit 202, Peterborough, ON  K9J 2V4
705-748-9242 Add to Clipboard
Pickering Medical Imaging  
1885 Glenanna Rd, Unit 106, Pickering, ON  L1V 6R6
905-831-2255 Add to Clipboard
Pine Ridge X-Ray  
555 George St N, Peterborough, ON  K9H 3S1
705-745-1058 Add to Clipboard
Port Perry Imaging  
462 Paxton St, Port Perry, ON  L9L 1L9
905-985-9727 Add to Clipboard
Quantum Medical Imaging Services - Scarborough  
Agincourt Professional Centre, 2330 Kennedy Rd, Suite 402, Toronto, ON  M1T 0A2
416-756-7667 Add to Clipboard
Rossland Radiology  
300 Rossland Rd E, Suite 102, Ajax, ON  L1Z 0K4
905-426-3111 Add to Clipboard
Scarborough Cardiac Diagnostic Centre  
2391 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1K 2M5
416-750-9000 Add to Clipboard
Scarborough Radiologists  
3000 Lawrence Ave E, Suite G03, Toronto, ON  M1P 2V2
416-438-6636 Add to Clipboard
Sheppard Ultrasound - Scarborough  
1780 Markham Rd, Unit 5 and 6, Toronto, ON  M1B 2W2
416-291-4770 Add to Clipboard
Sheppard-Warden X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
3410 Sheppard Ave E Suite B1, Toronto, ON  M1T 3K4
416-466-4152 Add to Clipboard
Silver Star X-Ray and Ultrasound  
385 Silver Star Blvd, Suite 209, Toronto, ON  M1V 0E3
416-335-4074 Add to Clipboard
Sonovasc Diagnostics - Scarborough  
4631 Steeles Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1V 4S5
416-332-9488 Add to Clipboard
Taunton Health Centre  
1290 Keith Ross Dr, Oshawa, ON  L1H 7K4
905-723-8551 Add to Clipboard
Top Medical Imaging - Kennedy  
3447 Kennedy Rd, Suite 200, Toronto, ON  M1V 3S1
416-299-3443 Add to Clipboard
Toronto East X-Ray and Ultrasound - Scarborough  
1145 Morningside Ave, Toronto, ON  M1B 0A7
647-350-0401 Add to Clipboard
Turnbull Diagnostic Imaging  
170 Simcoe St, Peterborough, ON  K9H 2H7
705-742-3639 Add to Clipboard
Victoria Park Mammography Imaging - Scarborough - Diagnostic Imaging  
520 Ellesmere Rd, lower level, Toronto, ON  M1R 4E6
416-759-3462 Add to Clipboard
Westney Heights Diagnostic Centre - Ajax  
15 Westney Rd N, Unit 2, Ajax, ON  L1T 1P4
905-686-9729 Add to Clipboard
Whitby Cardiovascular Institute  
3020 Brock St N, Whitby, ON  L1R 3J7
905-666-9504 Add to Clipboard
Whitby Medical X-Ray and Ultrasound  
220 Dundas St W, Suite 402, Whitby, ON  L1N 8M7
905-430-1781 Add to Clipboard
Whitby X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging  
3050 Garden St, Unit 109, Whitby, ON  L1R 2G7
905-493-3775 Add to Clipboard
Whites Road X-Ray and Ultrasound  
Steeple Hill Shopping Plaza, 650 Kingston Rd, Unit 2, Bldg C, Pickering, ON  L1V 3N7
905-839-1806 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of Central East, but provide service to Central East.
Bathurst Lawrence Nuclear Imaging  
491 Lawrence Ave W, Suite 500, Toronto, ON  M5M 1C7
416-785-4029 Add to Clipboard
STL Diagnostic Imaging  
150 Bridgeland Ave, Suite 207, Toronto, ON  M6A 1Z5
X-Ray: 1-800-268-5804
Ultrasound: 1-800-263-4275
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