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Monday, February 04, 2019

TransFormed: Addressing Partner Violence from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans perspectives

METRAC is a non-profit community agency that works with individuals, communities and institutions to end gender-based violence.
It is currently working on the TransFormed project; a research and intervention project for Two-Spirit, Nonbinary and Trans folks in the GTA. Funding for this study was received from the Public Health Agency of Canada for 3 years ending in March 2020 to engage in peer-led, community-based research and intervention activities to:
  • understand how partner violence is experienced from Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, Trans, Gender non-conforming and gender questioning perspectives
  • respond to the needs of community members through interactive peer-led approaches and capacity-building activities

Service providers working with Two-Spirited, Nonbinary or Trans identified person, 18 yrs or older, who live in or access services in the GTA, are asked to connect clients with METRAC.
Two-Spirited, Nonbinary or Trans identified persons, 18 yrs or older, who live in or access services in the GTA, are encouraged to participate in the survey. The deadline for participation is Feb. 15, 2019.

To participate in this online survey, visit:

For more information about the TransFormed Project or to obtain a paper copy of the survey email:
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