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Monday, December 03, 2018

Adopt a Grandparent for Christmas in Trent Hills

Due to the success of last year’s “Adopt a Grandparent” program, Community Care Northumberland (CCN) has been confirmed that this program will be running again in Trent Hills.
Many of CCN clients find Christmas to be difficult.  They may be isolated and lonely and have no one to share the Christmas Spirit with, or some are financially burdened and could benefit from some useful gifts under their tree.  The goal of this program is to for some of bring some joy and Christmas cheer to these clients.
“We are asking members of the community to contact our Campbellford office if they are
interested and willing to donate a ‘Christmas Cheer’ package for specific clients who live throughout Trent Hills,” said Natisha Taylor, CCN’s Program Coordinator in Trent Hills.  “Fill your ‘Christmas Cheer’ package with whatever you choose and our staff can help with matching packages with clients.  These packages will be delivered by staff and volunteers just before Christmas."
Taylor said basic client information will be on a paper decorations hung on a Christmas tree in their Campbellford office and include the client's age range, hobby’s/interests and whether they are male or female. Matches can also be made over the phone for those unable to make it to the office. The goal this year is to have about 50 matches made between a senior and community donor (family).  This is a great opportunity for grandchildren who may not have a grandparent, or one nearby, to purchase for or make a special holiday craft. 
“Last year we had 2 schools involved as well and the gifts that were made were beautiful and the grandparents receiving them had tears of joy when they received them,” said Taylor.  “We truly believe this will not only bring a smile to many Community Care clients this Christmas but also the potential to give the donating family a sense of giving- making everyone involved feel special.”
For more information or if you are interested in adopting a Grandparent, call the Community Care Northumberland office in Campbellford (705) 653-1411 or email




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