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Friday, November 02, 2018

Empowering Stakeholders to Meet Shared Vision for Local Health Care Delivery

The latest issue of ArcNorth News, a digital magazine produced by Esri Canada, includes an article on the Central East LHIN’s award winning sub-region profile tool and the use of digital maps and location-based analytical tools to empower stakeholders.

Click here to read the article.

The article outlines how  the use of location analytics is being leveraged to make smarter,
well-informed decisions by the LHIN, its sub-region physician leads and other local planning partners.  As crown agencies of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), LHINs continually strive to understand the health care needs of the communities they serve and the capacity of the local health care system they manage in order to make value-driven, cost-effective and efficient decisions aligned with provincial priorities and direction.

The LHIN recognized early on how GIS could empower its stakeholders with access to data and its analysis. The Sub-region Profiles interactive tool is an excellent means for visualizing location-driven data in the form of choropleth maps of population descriptors
and health service utilization layered with an overview of LHIN-funded organizations and community services.  The tool is publicly available and is the Central East LHIN’s largest project to date to map information and make it easily understandable.

The LHIN is now looking to do more with the data it has as the Decision Support team heads into the second phase of its GIS application implementation, which will expand the
functionality of the Sub-Region Profiles Tool.  This increased adoption of analytical tools will support the LHIN to better engage and empower its stakeholders who assist it in creating integrated systems of care and improving the patient experience.

For more information on the Central East LHIN, visit the website at

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