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Wednesday, July 25, 2018



A more focused name and a brand new visual logo are a big part of moving forward, for a group of concerned citizens and service provider representatives who have been working to address substance use disorders and addiction.

Formerly known as the “North Bay and Area Community Drug Strategy Committee”, the group now has a simpler title of COMMUNITY DRUG STRATEGY with the words NORTH BAY & AREA underneath the primary portion of the logo, to describe where their efforts are focused. The logo also includes a clever use of typography to create the shape of a drug, in the form of a pill capsule.

The group also has a new tagline: “Working Today For a Better Tomorrow”.

“We’re excited to unveil our new visual identity,” says Patricia Cliché, who serves as Chairperson with the committee. “We were also very proud to support local expertise in getting the work done, and we want to thank the designers at Sofa Communications for creating this for us.”

“Before this, our title was a little confusing for some folks and hard to remember. Now it is very clear what we are working on and that’s a community drug strategy, with the area we service clearly identified under that logo,” Cliche adds.

“We believe the colour in the logo, which is a cyan blue, is very identifiable and puts a positive feel to the image, and that’s what we are all about, making things better by creating a strategy that addresses the issues around alcohol and drug use in our area”, says Wendy Prieur, Vice-Chairperson.

The volunteers believe this will give them more name recognition in their work, and make it easier for them to be recognized, and also easier for interested supporters or service providers to connect with them.

The group has been busy for the past couple of years and developed the first PATCH 4 PATCH protocol to deal with fentanyl problems. They worked with the local MPP to get the protocol introduced in the provincial legislature, with regulations becoming mandatory in 2016.
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