Alphabetical Listing of Services - T - Peterborough City and County

Telecare Distress Centre of Peterborough   Peterborough
Tender Arms Healthcare Providers   Oshawa
Thalassemia Foundation of Canada   Bolton
Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada   Montreal Information Network   London
Threads of Life - Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support   London
Thyroid Cancer Canada   Toronto
Thyroid Foundation of Canada   Bath
Total Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre - Peterborough - Hospital Dr   Peterborough
Total Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre - Peterborough - McDonnel St   Peterborough
Tourette Canada   Mississauga
Tourette Syndrome Association of Ontario   Barrie
Trans Lifeline  
Translation and Interpretation Services  
Transplant Rehabilitation  
Transportation - Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation  
Trauma Rehabilitation  
Treat Your Feet Nursing Foot Care by Darlene   Peterborough
Trent Regional Sleep Clinic   Peterborough
Trent Security Systems   Peterborough
Trent University - Peterborough Campus - Campus Health Centre   Peterborough
Trent Valley Literacy Association   Peterborough
Trenworks Step-in Bathtub Cutting Service And Grab Bar Installations   Oshawa
Tri-County Community Support Services   Peterborough
Trillium Gift of Life Network   Toronto
Tuberous Sclerosis Canada   Barrie
Tuberous Sclerosis Canada Sclérose Tubéreuse   Barrie
Turnbull Diagnostic Imaging   Peterborough
Turner Syndrome Society of Canada   Ottawa
Caregiver Exchange Website